Customer Service

Customer Service

As a customer service person for most of my young adult life, I know what Customer Service is and, more importantly what: good” customer service is.

I do not write reviews often and it takes a lot to impress me both in terms of efforts and results.

Bad customer service is everywhere. “Average” and “good” customer service is also not hard to find. Therefore, when I come across Exceptional customer service, I think it is vitally important to highlight it and make it known.

It is my pleasure to take time out of my busy day to write this review.

I have worked with Urban Enterprises for over three years. And, as I am no longer living in the Twin Cities area, it is vitally important to me to be able to rely on my real estate management to “look out for me”, professionally manage my property, and give my tenants the attention they deserve.

During this time, my property in South Minneapolis, there have been the expected tenant turnovers, the usual array of repairs, and city compliance issues to be informed of and tended to.

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with an extremely professional, responsive, smart, creative, and informed property manager at Urban Enterprises. His name is John Stiles.

John is ALWAYS appropriate, professional, thoughtful and able. He has never failed to inform me of issues with my property in a timely manner and offered suggestions to remedy whatever situation that has arisen. He’s been my eyes and ears “on the ground” and has never failed to impress me but more importantly, never failed to effectively deal with whatever has come his way concerning my duplex. During the housing downturn these last few years, John has offered suggestions and creative approaches to address the various issues in realistic, economical, and sometimes “out of the box” solutions. In every single case, he has helped come up with “win-win” resolutions to almost every situation that has arisen. He deals with the tenants, the city, the utility companies, the neighbors, vendors and I always feel he has my best interest in mind. He has never been surly, rude, dismissive or derelict in his function as property manager for me. He is a true professional, a smart, fair honest man whom I trust (a trust that he has earned).

He has gone out of his way on many occasions, going “above and beyond” the normal scope of his job description and what I could expect of a property manager. He’s always willing to go the extra mile for me; getting extra vendor quotes on repairs, taking pictures of maintenance issues, and keeping me well-informed of the status of my property in “real-time”. Recently John took time out of his day to get a truck and go across town to Hopkins to pick up a replacement stove needed at my property for a tenant.

If you are a property owner, you’d be foolish not to hire John for your property management needs AND, if you supervise John or John works for your company, you’d be absolutely amiss not to acknowledge his work and reward it with both with compensation and greater opportunities.

Thank you for reading. I know a lot has been said here. But, as someone who is seldom impressed, I feel it is imperative to speak up when I am.

Thank you John! Your work has never gone un-noticed or un-appreciated by me AND hopefully by the management of Urban Enterprises, Inc.

Originally posted on Yelp

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