MYPV E11 – Not Just Numbers With Brenda O’Connell


Brenda was a property manager for college housing in St. Cloud for 4 years, then moved to the Twin Cities where she worked for several different Property Management companies including – MRG (no longer around – which was a partner of DRG – Downtown Resource Group), Twin Cities Home Rentals, TRI Home Rental (no longer around) and Renters Warehouse. Brenda has also purchased and sold homes for Keller Williams. She have been a licensed Realtor since April 2010.

Today, Brenda is the owner of Auntie B’s Rentals and has partnered with Twin Cities Leasing to provide a personalized one stop shop for all their investment needs. Brenda has been in the rental leasing side of real estate for 15 years. With her experience along with her coaching background. She loves educating landlords on how to find the right residents to live in their home. Brenda takes pride in her work and puts herself in the other person’s shoes. This has lead her to a successful career with helping over 3000 + families find housing, and a track-record of only 3 evictions.

Brenda is always looking to help your friend or family member who is trying to be the do-it-yourself landlord!

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