Is it too late to sell this year?

This message is for those homeowners that have been thinking about selling, but weren’t ready for the summer real estate market. You may be asking yourself if you’ve missed your opportunity and if you should wait till next spring.

My short answer for you is: NO.

The idea that summer is the best time to sell in MN comes from two main assumptions:

1) Homebuyers want to get settled in before school starts.

2) Nobody can visualize what your home looks like when it is buried in 5 feet of snow.

While there may be some measure of truth to these statements, for the majority of buyers, these are not key factors.

The fact is, people move when the time is right for them. Most often a move is triggered by a life-change such as a growing family, a shrinking family, or a job change. Or it may be a culmination of finally fixing their credit score and saving up enough money for a down-payment. There are also those buyers who don’t have an urgency to move who may have been sitting on the sideline because they didn’t want to compete with all the “summer buyers.”

Even if the summer selling season was more of A THING in the past, keep in mind that today’s home buyers shop online first (where it’s the same temperature year-round). What’s really important, is that your home can be found by buyer’s who are ready to act and that their first impression is a WOW. One way that we accomplish this is by using a 3D virtual tour. And NO I’m not talking about a photo slideshow set to music. With current technology a buyer can literally put on their virtual reality goggles and walk through your property as if they are right there. Click this link to see an example of this powerful tool.

If you are planning to sell this winter, call me today so we can capture photos of your home in multiple seasons.  The fall colors will look great in our advertising. I look forward to working with you!


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