When your IRA buys real estate, you are in Control

With a self-directed IRA, you choose the property and make the investment decisions. If you have an existing Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, HSA (or 401(k) at a company for whom you no longer work), you can use that money to:

  • purchase 1 to 4 unit rental properties
  • purchase apartment buildings or commercial properties
  • buy, fix and sell houses
  • fund a new development
  • and more

…all while keeping the tax advantages of a normal investment retirement account.

We are having a live event to get you the information that you need to use this powerful financial strategy correctly. Our friends at New Direction IRA will walk you through the IRS rules, and we at Urban Enterprises are here to help you find and manage the property that works best for you.

Join us Tuesday, July 21. Click here for more details.

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